5 of The Best Soy Candle Making Tips Ever

Making Soy Candles Hottest Tips to making soy candles with a difference.

http://www.creationscandles.com When making candles one thing that is needed is a way to hold the candle wick in the mold or container. There are several way…
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2 Responses to 5 of The Best Soy Candle Making Tips Ever

  • Danielle Wakelin says:

    Thanks for the Blow Torch Tip Im going to do that

  • Danielle Wakelin says:

    150 mls of fragrance to 1 litre of wax isnt that a lot???? The percentage
    of oils i use say 6-12% Fragrance load.. If i put to much oil you get
    really bad sinkholes and funny tops?? can you give me some tips. Thank you

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