Astar the robot turns 30: War Amps safety icon was born in Ottawa

Astar the robot turns 30: War Amps safety icon was born in Ottawa
Called “Champ Safety Ambassadors,” these children now speak directly to audiences of their peers, making them aware of the potential dangers that Astar once related. Astar endures as a memorable piece of Canadian pop culture for the … each Saturday …
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This Day, August 16, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin
1027: The King of Georgia, Giorgi I, passed away. Jews were among the subjects of this monarch who ruled over a country situated in the Caucuses, on the eastern edge of the Black Sea. Leonti Mroveli, an eleventh century chronicler of Georgian history, …
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For Would-Be Screenwriter, Enough False Starts To Fill A Book
Parikh has had quite a bit of success as a writer, but he knows that once a script is sold, the decision to actually make it or not is out of his hands. The buyer … Clearly, the arrangement is — A SHRINE — And it glows with the candles like some …
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