Be Alert To Potential Holiday Safety Hazards

Be Alert To Potential Holiday Safety Hazards
Place candles out of the reach of children and pets, making sure that they will not get knocked over accidently. Also, do not leave candles burning unattended, especially when you leave the house. Battery operated candles are a safe alternative to …

Allstate Data Shows Holiday Hazards Hit Close to Home for Texas Residents
Never leave burning candles unattended, and always place them out of reach of children. Make it a part of your routine to check that all candles are extinguished before you go to bed each night. — Make a smart tree purchase. If buying a natural tree …
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FIRE SAFETY: Lessons of holidays past
Holiday candles, “Oh how pretty they smell.” Please use caution with candles and don't leave them unattended. Put them out when you go to bed for the night or when you're leaving your home. Make sure you set your candles on a non-combustible surface …
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