BEESWAX,Melting Bees Wax,Molds,Candle Making,GA Beekeeping Beekeepers Pour Bees Wax ,John Pluta

BEESWAX,Melting Bees Wax,Molds,Candle Making,GA Beekeeping Beekeepers Pour Bees Wax ,John Pluta

BEESWAX, Melting Bees Wax for candles and blocks.Melt bees wax in microwave or steam table ideas.Candle mold wick threading. Bees wax candle molds 100 differ…

25 Responses to BEESWAX,Melting Bees Wax,Molds,Candle Making,GA Beekeeping Beekeepers Pour Bees Wax ,John Pluta

  • Miss.Fanny says:

    hey im wondering where you buy your candle molds?
    or does anyone have suggestions on websites to buy candle molds?
    thanks :) 

  • 53rdspirit says:

    I love beeswax candles. I use them all the time at home. Thanks for posting
    the video!

  • silverstrk59 says:

    John, Everytime we pull up your website or blog spot, our anti virus says
    there is a threat connected toyour site…..would love to buy some wax from
    you…how do we contact you

  • cleverjoe says:

    Great vid thanks for sharing. I’m rendering some wax from my first hive,
    your vids have been helpful. Cheers.

  • WeLoveMountainView says:

    Hey John, I just went to your website to buy wax from you and my anti-virus
    software tells me that your website is infected and that I shouldn’t go to
    it. Bummer! I wanted to buy from you. Thanks for the awesome video.

  • Elbenta says:

    very informative – this is what i was looking for – thank you for sharing! :)

  • sbusumacinta says:

    Can you at all? You originally make orgone w Polyester resin. But what if
    you were to use bees wax? will it work?

  • kemaeli says:

    Nice… although I confess I got dizzy with all the camera movements…. LOL

  • sbusumacinta says:

    DO you know if someone has made orgone w bees wax?

  • roger l waters says:

    nice video. thank you for sharing…now..i will like to start a mini
    business of surfwax in my small town. I want to start small hand and
    homemade just like you. What would you suggest me to make a series of
    molds. Like 5 molds in one rack. thinking the size of the surfwax is like a
    soap. thank you

  • HealthMadeEasyNature says:

    Thanks I got a lot of useful information!

  • namznej says:

    Also, didn’t I see this place on Texas chainsaw massacre?

  • MsMichelleSchweiss says:

    You can load a bunch of them in the lasagna pans at once. The great thing
    about this is that it gets clutter off of the tables so you can use the
    tables. Another thing: Gussy up vintage shelves and save jars from the
    fridge for storage. I clean jars with Goo Gone to get the label off and use
    the dish washer to sterilize them. I have a shelf set jam packed with
    hardware in jars. Deters spiders-jars are see through-dust
    repellent-cheap-easy to replace. Or use bins from dollar store.

  • wolf bessy says:

    what if you just want to soften the wax for carving and stuff? im trying to
    make a wax mask model which i will make a mold from.

  • zeybet1 says:

    LOVE IT graet jod

  • toosweet241 says:

    Just a thought, you bkesses to have a great hobby, try cleaning up a little
    you got to much shit around , clean up

  • B Charron says:

    It looks like beeswax is more profitable than the honey itself. I wonder
    why more beekeepers don’t try to increase profits like you do by selling
    the beeswax for candles and cosmetics? Thanks!

  • PurpleHazeReapr says:

    20 years! dayumn

  • yellowgroove says:

    i like pouring beeswax onto pine cones, it makes for a great little fire

  • KitCox says:

    Great video! Love your wax shop!! It’s REAL! Thanks for the time and
    effort. Chris

  • Christopher Wick says:

    Hey bud where do you get those molds?

  • Ryan V says:

    I see all that wax and just want too lay beside it and sniff it. Beeswax is
    by far my favorite smelling substance.

  • jjooeegg1 says:

    no offense but your a slob

  • Michelle Haigh says:

    I’m looking to buy 2 lbs. of beeswax. According to your blog, the link to
    buy beeswax in bulk takes me to Bulk Apothecary. Is this your beeswax? Do
    you sell your beeswax? Does your beeswax have a strong sweet smell?

  • Gabrielle Smith says:

    I am having trouble finding the wax on your site please help thanks

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