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Sister Benet Frandrup of Saint Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota, demonstrates the candle making operation at Monastic Studios. Sister Benet uses…
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This is SUPER easy and a very CHEAP way to make your own beeswax candles.

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  • Alfredo Medina González says:

    I am from a small town in México. In my town, there was a family who used
    to make candles and everyone had bees all over the municipality. That
    family died out and sadly, nobody makes candles anymore. I always heard and
    had seen different sizes of wicks according to the thickness of the candle.
    I had been trying to make candles but, cannot find the correct information
    about wick sizes. Do you have any book that will teach us how to make them
    and how thick the wick has to be? 

  • Sr. Mary Catharine Perry says:

    Thanks, Sister! You gave me a lot of good ideas! What kind of mesh bag do
    you use? I tend to let the carbon and junk sit in the bottom of my melter
    which wastes a lot of wax. God bless you!

  • gaiayoyo says:

    Lovely video. What a joy to see this process. Thank you for sharing it.
    Your spirit is so gracious it felt like I was pulled right in the video,
    and could almost smell the beeswax! You do beautiful work and I am sure the
    candles carry your spirit as an offering of love into their intended
    service. Blessings

  • Gameang123acdc says:


  • Banchuba says:

    what a lot of work! thanks for the video!

  • Gameang123acdc says:

    OMG!! :D D

  • archie868 says:

    Hello, Wonderful video and very informative. I make beeswax candles for
    gifts and personal use and have had no luck in proper wick sizing. I Have
    performed many burn tests and to date have only perfected tapered candles.
    I wonder if you might lend some suggestions as to the type of wick and size
    you use in your pillar candles as well as votives? Thank you .Keith

  • jensy carrasco says:

    i like the simplicity of this video

  • Olivia Shepardson says:

    how do you add different cents to the candle?!

  • Don DeLong says:

    Just a thought … Instead of using the measuring cup, how about melting
    the wax within the jar you’ll be using, eliminating one step? Then, set the
    wick-on-the-stick into the center; carefully remove the jar and set aside
    to harden.

  • Morals Gone Good says:

    Thank You for this video. Very simple and easy. :)

  • capturingmoments says:

    Hi, I must say that I haven’t ever had this problem yet! I am sorry, I’m
    not sure how to help you!! Thank you for leaving a comment. x

  • razz says:

    How thick should the wick be? Does it matter how wide your candle is?

  • capturingmoments says:

    You could definitely try this. I find it less fiddly to get the wick in
    place by doing it like this.

  • schumyschumy says:

    I don’t know if you’ve had this issue, but I get cavities in the candle
    during the hardening step. How do you prevent that?

  • izabelaR says:

    I also like how simple this video makes it, I don’t feel intimidated to try
    it. I’m so excited to make mine!

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