Candle Making Experiment the Frugal Way

I decided to make some candles for my mom and sisters for Mother’s Day. The only problem was, I never made them before. So I took a video of my learning expe…
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25 Responses to Candle Making Experiment the Frugal Way

  • hillviewing says:

    I loved this. 

  • Ordinary Guy says:

    I enjoyed watching your video. You did a great job, and it was fun watching
    you. So what if it didn’t turn out perfect the first time you did it. At
    least you tried something new, and the next time you do it, it will be even

  • Irene Kale says:

    I make candles and I reckon you did really well. Keep at it, it is creative
    fun and no two candles ever turn out the same – but they are all beautiful

  • Julia McSorley says:

    Thanks so much! and where did you get the wax?

  • AMomentWithRachael says:

    Thanks. :)

  • Beanie HasMC says:

    i works when you frigerate it on low over night not in the freezer for and

  • AMomentWithRachael says:

    Thank you! :)

  • AMomentWithRachael says:

    Yeah, for sure. :) I think my children learn a lot with me. And I with
    them! It’s pretty neat. :) Thanks again for your comments!

  • AMomentWithRachael says:

    Wow, that stinks! I know it… garbage, private property. Hmm… if it
    were, why not keep it inside the business and not send to the same landfill
    everyone’s stuff goes to? :)

  • modestgirl58 says:

    You did a great job!

  • AMomentWithRachael says:

    She was helping a bit, but I didn’t know what I was doing here, lol. This
    was my first time trying and I didn’t want her getting burned. I made up
    the amount of essential oil as I went. :) Thanks for the tips! I’ll try to
    let her help more next time. :)

  • Rogue4891 says:

    the candles look fine your family should love them did you ever make soap
    you need glycerin lye and some perfume to add smell.

  • TheTexasbuddy says:

    Hey Rachael, The candles look nice, I think you did a real good job.

  • Kimberly Burney says:

    I think you did well for your first time they look great, the only thing is
    I wish I would of saw the end results after it dried after refilling

  • believe2113 says:

    The candles look beautiful! My favorite color and fragrance. You did a
    great job! I’m sure your Mom and Sister were very happy for your
    thoughtfulness. Thanks for the video. : ) One more week until vacation!
    Have fun!!

  • Naidalis1 says:

    Its easier than what I thought, thanks. where did u get the jars and
    everything else??

  • Dudus108 says:

    Just found your channel today and I LOVE it! Great candles! I myselfnam
    experimenting. You know that you can actually reclaim the candles you
    found? The ones with broken glass? You can meltnthem and repour into what
    ever you like! Try it!

  • Caitlin Price says:

    I wish my first time craft experiments turned out that well! You don’t
    really need a whole bunch of extra tools if you don’t want to go that
    route. You could always try scooping out the wax from your double boiler
    into a measuring cup that you don’t mind getting waxy to pour into your
    containers. you could tamp down your wicks with a small amount of melted
    wax and some sort of metal piece-you can buy wick bases at the craft store
    or the hardware store probably has something similar in shape

  • LalaCats3 says:

    if I were your mom or sisters, I would feel lucky to get this gift!

  • AMomentWithRachael says:

    Thank you! Yeah, they loved them! :) Yay! I know, I’m so excited! I’ve been
    packing all day. :) I got caught up laundry so as not to forget to pack
    anything we wanted to take.

  • AMomentWithRachael says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement, Martin! :) Your comment made my day!
    Also, thanks for subscribing. I hope you enjoy my future videos. :)

  • AMomentWithRachael says:

    Oh man! I have a hard time going that long without! It’s just too fun. :)

  • AMomentWithRachael says:

    A craft store had thrown them away without opening the boxes and I found
    them. There was 1-2 broken ones in each case of them. :) I bought the wick
    online. The essential oil came from the health food store on sale. The wax
    was also found behind the craft store thrown out. The rest of the stuff I
    found at a thrift store in a bag for cheap.

  • Martin R. says:

    Hi Rachael, I don’t know anything about candle making but I would say you
    did an excellent job with them. Something like that would go for $10 – $15
    in a store. I subscribed to you a few days ago and I really enjoy your
    video’s. You seem to be a very kind and caring person. You are very
    inspirational and I always feel good after watching you. You are awesome!!!
    Keep the video’s coming. Martin.

  • MonicaLeader says:

    Great job Rach! I bet they la la la la la loved them! Can’t wait to hit my
    michael’s dumpster again! I haven’t been picking in a month!

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