Candle Making Part 2- Wick Priming and Dipped Candles

Part 2- Priming the wick and Making the candle This is part 2 of the candle making. Apologies for not doing it sooner, there’s a heat wave in Melbourne with fire restrictions.
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9 Responses to Candle Making Part 2- Wick Priming and Dipped Candles

  • today igiveup says:

    this has to be the most expensive and labour intensive candle making i have
    ever seen. I only decided today to take it up and this is the second candle
    wick making video i have seen. Am i missing something? Is it the aesthetic? :) 

  • guitardaddy6 says:

    Are there no molds for this? I mean…couldn’t you just make a mold? Just

  • Tristan Collins says:

    If you’re just trying to fix the string so its stiff, I bet potato starch
    would do it too…

  • Mimi Marstaller says:

    I am wanting to do candle making (dipped) in Kenya at an orphanage I work
    at each year. We tried it last year, buying paraffin in Nairobi. It was
    very hard to get to wax to melt and it would cool a skin on the top within
    seconds. Also the wax wouldn’t stick to the wicking we brought over with
    us for the project. We found the paraffin from the agricultural extension
    service. Do you have any suggestions for me please. 

  • jeffrey c says:

    you are so awesome!! i saw the first video on how to fix the wicks but they
    didnt work and i was sure there was another step and i was so happy to find
    this video thank you so much. and i am making candles for survival purposes
    and you helped me a lot

  • rik h says:

    hi great vid you have inspired me to make my own candles for a
    heatingproject i am undertaking…you say any wax will do i was thinking of
    a cheap substitute as i live in england and thats how we roll over here
    anywayz do you think i could possibly use earwax ? 

  • Rodolfo Casulli says:

    Thanks for making these videos I am getting into candle making :) 

  • Jazreldedondru says:

    Is using salt and borax really necessary? Can’t I just skip straight to
    this step?

  • liveyoureulogynotyourresume says:

    I have started microwaving soy wax to melt it. Works a treat, way faster

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