CandlePart8TroubleShoot-Candle Making-DVD

Solutions to common issues during candle making.
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  • Lauren Hickey says:

    Whatshappanin. A crock pot can work as a double walled melter if you don’t
    want to spend the $$ but they are expensive. The best quality and price I
    have found is CES manufacture. THey last and work really well. The nature
    of soy makes for a muted color so you really have to work to get a dark
    vibrant color and liquid will just for get you there. Try they diamond
    color blocks from Let it Shine and also realize that it is somewhat the
    nature of the product when you see soy on the market

  • sherryl valentine says:

    very informative thank u dear

  • Kaye Quinn says:

    Just started making candles & had a nice surprise w/a blooper. Put a small
    votive in the freezer to release it &-oops-forgot about it. when I took it
    out later it had the look of a candle w/not only a light layer on top but
    sort of wavy. Looked cool. Thanks for your videos,I’m learning &
    hopefully can get better as I work at it. (I’ll put an alarm by my freezer
    next time to remind me)

  • dboutine says:

    Hi Lauren,
    Actually I loved the pink candle that has holes created by water and ice. I
    saw those candles quite a few times and wondered whether they’re just for
    decoration or to be burnt as well. I want to make one for use as it seems
    to me that flame glow will be fantastic. So my question is: if I lit it
    will it burn further down or will it stop as soon as it hits the next
    hole? Thank you so much for your great tutorials.

  • latisha scott says:

    Lauren your videos are very helpful. I just started candle making and I
    always have a problem getting my candles out of the molds. No matter what I
    do it want come out. I’ve used mold release spray as well as putting the
    mold in the frige. its getting really frustrating. I let it cool for 8hours
    it that to much cool time? thanks! 

  • Fker Lehulum says:

    hi Lauren I watched all 8 parts and I really learn lot
    Thanks.But I didn’t see u adding any additives like stearin,vybar or UV
    even though u mentioned their effect.Can you pleas tell me when
    should this additives have to be added? and at what temperature? can
    stearin be added on the boiler or on the poring pot? Thank You

  • Highrock Tendales says:

    Actually I just seen the bit you saying don’t even put coins and pinecon in
    so I’m thinking fireworks is well off the menu!! Maybe could I make a
    candle that smells of beautiful like nature for ten minutes then BOOM!!!!
    Suddenly smells like a dead rat. Hopefully that boy will be leaning right
    over it when it switched the smells! 

  • Highrock Tendales says:

    I want to recreate a joke candle that I saw on tv . Basically a normal
    candle but after ten minutes BOOM!!!! Could I put a firework or banger in
    the candle for this? I will only be using it on my friend so it’s safe.
    Hopefully that boy will be leaning right over it when it goes off! He’s
    gonna be MAD!!!!! 

  • Sharon Brett says:

    Hey Lauren, a BIG thank you!! i learned how to make candles from you! I
    need a little advise on a few things and am hoping if you could help me. I
    use paraffin wax with stearic acid (3 table spoons in a pound of wax) and
    pinches of Vybar (as advised by you:)) So here are my questions:)
    1. What does “melting point” mean?.
    2. What is the correct temperature to pour the wax into a steal mold?
    3. How long after should I do a re-pour.
    4. When or after how long should I pour wax and at what temperature when
    making a layered colored candle.
    Thank you for being so generous and sharing your valuable knowledge with so

  • James Maddux says:

    Lauren, I have a question….normally when i make candles i talk all the left
    over wax from other candles and melt it down and pour a new one. The
    problem i run into is, i’m not able to smell the new candle when i add
    fragrance. Is this normal? should i just use new wax if i want to scent
    the wax or can i use old wax too?

  • Lauren Hickey says:

    solutions to candle making

  • James Maddux says:

    Where do you buy your fragrance? I make candles as a hobby but i’m trying
    to master the technique of scents. I want my candle to smell the entire
    burn time, so i’m just looking for a good company to buy fragrance from.
    P.S. Love your videos…..

  • Whatsahappanin says:

    What type of wax do you use? I use soy and liquid dye and my candles always
    end up looking pastel shades. I would like for them to look darker
    especially the candles I am making for the holidays. I also want to
    purchase a double walled wax melter but they are pretty expensive. I have
    even check on Ebay. Can you give me any advice on where to find candle
    supplies that are priced good?

  • Hunky Dory says:

    Great question- Fragrance makes all the difference. ALL WAYS use a liquid
    and buy from Wellington Fragrance. They don’t tint the color of the wax and
    they are quality. Good luck and thanks for watching!

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