HeavenScent Soy Candles

HeavenScent Soy Candles

Website: http://www.hssoycandles.com/?Click=671 Blog Review: http://beautymarksthespotreviews.weebly.com/9/post/2011/12/post-title-click-and-type-to-edit.htm…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Hi my name is Paul and I own and operate my own handmade soy candle and goat’s milk soap business Jack Be Nimble Candle Creations. Thank you for watching! :-…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

4 Responses to HeavenScent Soy Candles

  • Michael Carlson says:


  • Nona Moose says:

    Thank you for making your videos! This is the first one I’ve watched, but
    I’m going to watch your others, too. :) With the Presto Pot, do you put the
    wax directly into it, or do you put a container holding the wax into it?
    I’m sorry if that’s answered in your videos I haven’t watched yet. (It’s
    also probably a stupid question. :( ) Happy candle-making! :)

  • JackBeNimbleCandles says:

    @sakuradreams8– no, not at all. There is a temp dial on the side and I
    also keep a thermmometer clipped on the side of the pot to make sure the
    wax doesn’t get above 250. I keep my wax at about 200 degrees F. HTH :-)

  • sakuradreams8 says:

    With the presto pot, do you have any problems with over-heating soy wax?

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