How to Embed & Gel Candles : Candle Making

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Making Candles 101 Soy, Sand, Pillar and more! DEMO Mabel White DIY

Deborah Dolen’s on Twitter in real time, join Deborah Dolen on Twitter @DeborahDolen @MabelWhiteDIY DEMO Mabel White DIY shows you everything you need to kno…
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5 Responses to How to Embed & Gel Candles : Candle Making

  • Mzvoodoo says:

    I made one but it was full of tiny bubbles. it looked terrible :( How do i
    get the bubbles out? 

  • freedomgirl08 says:

    I forgot to mention she was giving these videos away over the holidays
    don’t know if she still is but I would check it out.

  • balakter says:

    HELLO.i want to ask if how to make paraffin candles that doesnt sink in the
    middle,how can it be flat..cause i make some this past few days and i dont
    know how can i make it flat in the top and bottom..thank you!

  • Mimii i says:

    Can we use the Guash colors as a candle color ?

  • freedomgirl08 says:

    This is a great video. She can teach you how to make money and how to make
    stuff to give away for gifts. You can find any of her products at her web
    site. Just type in Mablewhite

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