How to Make a Candle: Step-by-Step Instructions for Learning how to Make Candles for more candle making tutorials! Learn how to make candles easy with my simple instructions. Interested in learning how …

22 Responses to How to Make a Candle: Step-by-Step Instructions for Learning how to Make Candles

  • VlPrtn says:


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  • Dani Dulfu says:

    When I made my first ice cube candle I found out that the wick came in contact with some melted ice cubes (water), and that pretty quickly extinguished the flame. To solve this problem, I poured a smaller, solid candle and surrounded that with ice cubes and poured wax. This way, the wick always burns in solid wax and does not get wet

  • Tallulah Musser says:

    does the container you melt the wax in get ruined?

  • jessica90639063 says:

    thanks it so helpful and eazy

  • David D says:

    if everything falls to shit that’s ok, it just makes it really fun

  • Wicks a'Flicker says:

    you buy it

  • Simply Alternative says:

    i use a gas stove and have never had a problem, and i know plenty of people who also use gas stoves

  • molly Ring says:


  • Minepamp Dy says:

    of course you should have common sense…youwill just buy a wax you fool

  • nazeer md says:

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  • Nona Moose says:

    Any open flames (like on gas stoves) will ignite wax vapors. Even when using an electric stove, always have a fire extinguisher close-by, and make sure you know how to use it.

  • Lavenderrose73 says:

    That looks cool.

  • zed zragdea says:

    you lied, you said step by step you didn’t show how you make the wax.

  • Elkeper aawy says:

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  • Incog Nito says:

    probably because the handle of the inner pot has the handle outside, and might get hot and burn your fingers, or melt down

  • Michael Ha says:

    Does this have a smell?

  • Annika Vercauteren says:

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  • Sufia khatun says:

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  • Jamilah Simmons says:

    Sometimes that happens when the wax is not cooled down enough. Try letting it sit for a few minutes before you pour. Hope that helps :0)

  • Victoria Robertson says:

    could you use candles

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