How to make a container candle, the simplest introduction to candle making

Kevin Partner of demonstrates how to make a container candle using a tea cup as a container. Making container candles is one of th…
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  • MakingYourOwnCandles says:

    @imturmenne- thanks for your kind comments. As for the wick, it’s extremely
    cheap. The amount that’s lost costs fractions of a penny – the chop-sticks
    and clothespeg would cost far more.

  • lmturmenne says:

    Wonderful video, thanks…. but…. why is it that everyone loves to waste
    their wicks? You pull it through the hole in the bottom tab leaving over
    an inch (US measure) in length, squeeze shut the locking tube, then cut the
    inch off the bottom…. and you do the same at the top: leave two to three
    inches over what is needed (to wrap around the securing stick). Why not
    just capture the wick using a pair of chop-sticks or popsicle sticks
    secured with a clothespin?
    I just HATE seeing such waste. When you think of it as a monetary
    investment, you tend to be more frugal and waste less.

  • mrsapril1510 says:

    Excellent video so easy to follow thanks!

  • Ad Dance says:

    what colour dye should i order to make it look like yours? (tea)

  • ScooterGirl9988 says:

    What a dreadful video. All waxes have a temperature at which they should be
    poured; working without a thermometer is ridiculous. Dye chips also have a
    temperature at which they will properly melt into the wax; if the
    temperature is too low there will be minuscule bits that will end up
    clogging the wick. If you’re using a clear container using a small amount
    of wax to secure the wick will leave jump marks (lines) unless the second
    pour is done at a higher temperature. REALLY bad advice here.

  • kevpartner says:

    @Adom2010 I used Antique Ivory

  • MakingYourOwnCandles says:

    Just calculated that, since January 2010, we’ve sold kits and materials for
    making 32,000 tea cup container candles using the techniques shown in this

  • Termosaurus says:

    i think hes shy

  • Maggie May says:

    I have had no problems making Teacup candles using this video. I found it
    very informative and easy to follow. Thanks guys. Shame about the very
    negative comment from scooter girl who I am sure has vast experience in the
    art of candle making and is able to back up her comments with a similar
    practical demo.

  • MakingYourOwnCandles says:

    This video is specifically about using a TEA CUP, not glass. By using a tea
    cup, we can focus on the basic technique without worrying about temperature
    - a double boiler keeps the temperature within an acceptable range. You are
    talking utter nonsense about the dye – I have made countless tea cup
    candles using this technique and have NEVER had my wick “clog up”. If you
    could be bothered to film a video showing us how you would do it then send
    me a link and I’ll comment. Constructively.

  • EverythingStephanie says:

    Great video, very informative – thanks!

  • Joan Glen-Martin says:

    Very informative – everything you need to know in a simple format, thanks.

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