How to Make Soy Candles : How to Make Scented Soy Candles

Learn how to add natural scents to Soy Candles with expert craft tips for making environmentally friendly, handmade soy candles. Expert: Gretchen Soares Cont…
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8 Responses to How to Make Soy Candles : How to Make Scented Soy Candles

  • GlassForFunn says:


  • Quweina Roberts says:

    The consistency of the soy is too thick to add color and fragrance… It
    should be about 180 degrees F…… If it’s too thick, then the blend would
    not be right….

  • Big Dame says:

    Where do you order you fragrance from? I used 1oz of a fragrance for a 22oz
    soy wax and got no throw at all. Then by the same company I used 1oz of a
    different fragrance for a 22oz soy wax a got amazing throw. The only thing
    I did different was with the second batch I let the melted wax cool down to
    30 degrees then the 1st batch,. I still think it’s the type of fragrance I
    used. I also think it’s because this company oils are for candles,soap &
    body use. Please Help!

  • Jen Wittick says:

    Where’s the rest of the video?!

  • rdwafer75 says:

    @MsNotforsale check out the scents from Candlescience . com and thier

  • changingmyself says:

    Those aren’t “essential oils” those are fragrance oils.

  • MsNotforsale says:

    Sometimes i use a whole bottle of oil and it still doesn.t smell when i
    light it. Maybe it depends if its a strong smell or not? Could you give me
    a tip please?

  • 3357301 says:


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