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Remembering Kurt Cobain and Nirvana: the band that defined Seattle
Left by visitors at Viretta Park were images of Kurt Cobain and candles extinguished by Saturday's rain. The park, at 151 Lake … Tad, and of course the Melvins. Jack was making 12 bucks an hour recording some of these bands at a little studio in Ballard.
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Nell Nolan: Taste Makers
Orange table cloths were topped with centerpieces of neon-pink pomanders; Pop Art, which tantalized in the 1950s-1970s and beyond, was manifested in soup cans (with a nod to Andy Warhol) that held tea candles to illuminate the tables; and, on the side …
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How to schmooze your best customers without looking like a schmuck
If you look through your database of customers, it's pretty easy to make up a list of the customers that value what you offer,” she says. Avoid looking like a schmuck with your corporate gift-giving by ditching the company … The founder of Australian …

Monroe entrepreneur wants to make small companies strong
Nearly all make and sell their own lines of products – candles, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. – or offer supplies or services to those who do. About 95 percent of her members are women. In 2006, Johnson moved her family from the D.C. area to Monroe, citing …
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