Make Soy Candles at Home

In this video we teach you how to make your own soy candles at home. It’s easy, environmentally sustainable and saves money. Makes a great gift or a wonderfu…
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20 Responses to Make Soy Candles at Home

  • Tonya Vannabouathong says:

    How long do you have to work with the melted wax before it sets ..I have some ideas I wanted to do for coloring and just wanted to see if there was a certain amount of time

  • VelvetGal5 says:

    Thanks for your very imformative video & soy candle tutorial. Maybe one of these days I’ll have the patience to make a candle of my own. But I do like buying soy candles. One of my favorite brands is Seed by Soy Inspirations. My favorite scent from the Seed by Soy Inspirations line is Green Apple Orchards. I burned it last night & it smelled great. My whole bedroom smelled like green apples. I loved it. Again, thanks for your video, & have a nice day. :-)

  • fyl gates says:

    most crops are gmo. Organic is pretty bad as well. One of the main organic fertilizers has been confirmed to cause Parkinsons. Also organic farmers tend to dump a lot of sulfur and other bad pesticides. all in all organic isn’t any better, in some ways its worse. thank the lobbyists for that. Unless you read up on Agriculture policy, and talk to your farmers you won;t have any idea what organic means.

  • Nicole Johnson says:

    talk to damm much

  • scotishcovenanters says:

    This is the best candle tutorial I have seen! Thank you so much. It is a delight to watch this. I have breathing problems so I am trying to find natural scents. Do you know of any?

  • GracieFlix says:

    It’s great to be able to buy local. I’ve read that corn and soy are the biggest GMO crops grown in the US. Do you buy organic?

  • Denise Gant says:

    Loved this vid. Question: I have container soy wax. Is there a way to convert it to pillar wax?

  • sandtropezdreams says:

    Nice kitchen.

  • sandtropezdreams says:

    Just Google “how to make soy wax”.

  • sandtropezdreams says:

    Yeah and most people who make candles utilize refined materials. Are you looking for something that’s going to show you how to make candles using all natural materials and supplies?

  • Labyrynth1000 says:

    Cudo’s for the effort, however, too many people mis-use the whole idea of “sustainable living”. The basic concept of sustainability is not to require modern day processing, un-natural products and devices. So with this concept in mind, where would you get soy wax ?
    Its not like your harvesting it directly from a soy bean field or making your own wicks from natural fibers.
    Like I said, nice “idea” but anyone can make things from already refined products. Therefore still relying on product avail.


    how many drops or oz’s of fragrance should be added per lb of soy wax to make a good smelling candle?

  • Manhcuongweb says:

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  • coffeeexmachina says:

    If you use a candle warmer then you can skip the wick step, makes it even cheaper to make (although you have to factor in electricity use…)

  • theblasman says:

    Thx, good job explaining how do.

  • Brian Cummiskey says:

    looking for info on how to MAKE the soy wax in the first place. appreciate any links people can drop on me. (i have soy bean plants in my garden)

  • USVet1973 says:

    Very nice, thank you:)

  • baraabbd says:

    thank you you save my job

  • kdiaz21 says:

    Is that indian music?! I love it!

  • kdiaz21 says:

    Nice video and very easy!! I love that kitchen!

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