Making Candles With Marsha.wmv

Hey yall I went to Marsha’s today and she show us how she makes her Soy Candles they were so easy to make. So I hope yall enjoy this, Take Care and God Bless…
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  • Lora Knutson says:

    Have you and Marsha tried looking at natures garden candles for your soy
    wax? They have all kinds of stuff reasonably priced too. Bye for now, Lori
    Bye for now, Lori

  • WhtWngDv68 says:

    I so enjoy all of your videos! I have learned so much from you guys! Have a
    Blessed Day!

  • elizondo61 says:

    Hi, you are fantastic lady, congratulations, can you tell me where you bye
    you material, soy wax and soap things, i live in Mexico but my sister in
    USA, i would like to understend more eanglish, any way i hope the best for
    you and your family, God Bless you Lady,

  • Misty Prepper says:

    @Vhammer2010 LOL I am glad he enjoyed it…They are easy to make, the wax
    is just a little high, you have to buy 50lb at a time. I am sure you can
    find other wax cheaper this is soy wax though. But it sure does smell
    good…Thanks…Take care and God Bless you and yours…

  • rdnkrfnk says:

    this video came just in time my wife and i were just talking about making
    some candles as we use them alot and they are getting expensive thanks an
    god bless

  • Misty Prepper says:

    @ZivasCasa Thank you. It is easier than you think, you learn to adapt and
    over come. It makes you a stronger and more reliable persone, and when the
    SHTF you are well prepared. We have done it for a long time, but then we
    gat solar and had some power enough to run a fan and some lights. I had to
    learn to live w/o a microwave also. That was hard. But that is ok now and
    don’t miss it. but I do like to have an a/c….It is hot here in the
    summer, but it would just make me weak….Peace

  • Misty Prepper says:

    @TheMoonchick Awww thank you….

  • Misty Prepper says:

    Thank you so much~~Wow you do a lot your self…:)

  • dixierose3 says:

    thanks enjoyed this video

  • Miniquilts Moak says:

    Love this video . I have been wanting to try candles for awhile now and
    this method seems so easy :)

  • Misty Prepper says:

    You are welcome, thank you! She is a wonderful teacher….God Bless!!

  • ashley moore says:

    Hi! Love your videos! Can I get a list of sizes and prices, types of
    candles for sale? Thanks!

  • TheEndeavoringFamily says:

    It stands for window media video. It’s the file type of the video. It’s of
    no real consequence, she just uploaded it and didn’t think it take it out
    of the title when youtube used it as a default. If her file were named
    popcorn123 the uploader would have automatically named the video
    accordingly. Hope this helps.

  • Misty Prepper says:

    @oaktreega You are welcome…

  • tntownsend96 says:

    I stumbled on your channel and really like what you have to share. May I
    ask, what religion are you? I really like your whole self sufficiency too.

  • Misty Prepper says:

    @littlechefxxx Thank you!!!

  • ourrepurposedlives says:

    Misty, I really enjoy the videos you do, especially with Marsha! Will you
    be doing more with her soon?

  • Bronson Clarke says:

    Thanks again for a great demo. I didn’t have a clue about candle-making
    till I watched this. I also love your property. It’s so very peaceful in
    appearance and sound.

  • prettycountrygal says:

    I’ve been wanting to learn how to make candles.I’ll have to start
    purchasing little by little the scents, heater, wax, food coloring, etc.
    I’d like to eventually like to make home made soaps and body sprays as
    well. But all in good time.

  • Misty Prepper says:

    @vmpls24 Yes she is…

  • Misty Prepper says:

    @Shameful26 Thank you!!!

  • Noreens Kitchen says:

    Thank you for sharing this was wonderful. Tell Miss Marsha that they make a
    hot glue gun that works on batteries. I have one and I love it. It can
    convert either from electric with a plug or use batteries. They have them
    online or at Michaels. Would save her from firing up her generator just for
    that glue gun. Noreen

  • Misty Prepper says:

    @willkaren4ver Yes I agree. She is an awesome lady. I plan on doing more
    videos in the future with her. We are talking about future
    projects….Thank you!!!

  • littlechefxxx says:

    another lovely video, its pleasure to watch you two lady’s

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