Mold Making Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Custom Candle Mold

From the largest international candle making conglomerates to home hobbyists that enjoy making candles for family and friends, Smooth-On urethane and silicon…
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24 Responses to Mold Making Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Custom Candle Mold

  • Lilmonsta says:

    Hi there. I wanted to sculpt my own shape for the candle would I be able to
    mold a clay sculpture? If not how.would I go about doing that?

  • Lyschel Bersch says:

    Thank you, I sell that with my candle supply business :) Just didn’t know
    if it would work on the mold.

  • Lyschel Bersch says:

    I would rather poke a hole through the bottom of the mold and put the wick
    through for a cleaner looking top for the candle. What would best to seal
    the hole? And how would you suggest making a clean hold? Thank you Candle

  • Spenchase1 says:

    Nice demo, I have a beautiful floral candle that I would love to replicate.
    My question is can I use this candle to make a mould? And if so, what is
    the best way to do this.

  • Jackie Avila says:

    Good video

  • Skitz15kOfficial says:

    can I replace the wooden dowel with a candle? I want to get the shape of a
    candle I have or will it not work? and do I still have to buy the sonite
    wax? Thanks :)

  • Smooth-On, Inc says:

    Logistics Company should be able to sell OOMOO 30 to you in India. Contact
    information for other international distributors is available on our
    website if they are unable to assist you.

  • Bret Leversha says:

    Is there a more readily available item to use rather than Sonite was? Thanks

  • madtabby66 says:

    You use what’s called “mold seal”. You can buy it from candle supply

  • Smooth-On, Inc says:

    Contact Logistics Company Limited P.O.Box 17134, Jebel Ali Free Zone,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tel: + 9714 8836628 Fax: + 9714 8836674
    Mobile: + 97150 6547503 Contact: C. B.

  • madtabby66 says:

    Thanks for this video, I now have some great ideas for making some molds.

  • bohn only's says:

    How is the wick set in the pyramid-shaped one at the end… would you have
    to cut the mold? I’m confused about how to do this for objects that are
    narrower at the top, does the rubber stretch that far?

  • Antoni Raj says:

    nice demo… got some silicone moulds but do not know how to make them. Now
    I can make my own moulds.

  • Smooth-On, Inc says:

    @Skitz15kOfficial Using was originals can be tricky, as some waxes have
    fragrances or ingredients whih may cause the rubber to not cure properly.
    Sonite Wax is only necessary when you have a porous original.

  • Charlotte Semple says:

    Hello, I am a dollmaker – I repair and restore antique dolls. Right now I
    am working on my Mother’s Wax Doll that is missing a leg and an arm. I have
    sculpted a leg and arm and wish to make molds of each then pour them with
    wax. Can I do this making the molds with the Silicone Rubber? Need to know
    ASAP please. Thank you, Charlotte

  • Smooth-On, Inc says:

    You can use a carton, I would recommend sealing the carton with our
    Superseal sealing agent.

  • Smooth-On, Inc says:

    Sure it’s possible. Mold Max 30 differs from OOMOO 30 in a few important
    ways. For one, it’s mixed 10:1 by weight so an accurate gram scale is
    required. For another, its high viscosity means that vacuum degassing is
    highly recommended. However, Mold Max 30 has a higher tear strength and
    longer library life than OOMOO 30. If you are having trouble finding OOMOO
    30, I can recommend looking for your nearest full-line distributor on our

  • Sanjula Jackson says:

    Very nice, I like it.

  • Smooth-On, Inc says:

    The mold for the pyramid has a small hole in the bottom which the wick is
    placed in before pouring, the wax is poured into the large end.

  • Skitz15kOfficial says:

    can I use carton instead of the acrylic plastic?

  • Smooth-On, Inc says:

    The same technique would be applicable. You want to be careful making a
    mold of an existing candle, as sometimes fragrances or other additives can
    affect the mold rubber. A small-scale test would be prudent.

  • VoltageNut says:

    Is is possible to use MOLD MAX 30 insted of OOMOO 30, since i cant find it
    here ? Tnahk you.

  • Smooth-On, Inc says:

    Yes Charlotte, our Mold Star silicone would be a good silicone for this
    application as long as the material you used to sculpt the pieces does not
    have sulfur in it.

  • Jessica martin says:

    For my mother’s birthday I would love to do a wine bottle candle? Could I
    be able to do that .

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