Molly Ringwald's daughter strikes a familiar 'brat pack' pose

Molly Ringwald's daughter strikes a familiar 'brat pack' pose
A poster for John Hughes' 1984 romantic comedy 'Sixteen Candles' starring (L-R) Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, and Michael Schoeffling. (Photo by Movie Poster Image Art/Getty Images) …
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Lights in the Dark
As the last candles illuminated and the students stood together, Bucknell President John Bravman asked the class to pause, and listen. "Listen to Bucknell," Bravman said. "Listen to your own hearts. Imagine where you want to be four years … Bucknell …
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Wake Forest students hold candlelight vigil for Michael Brown
Students said they are planning a meeting on campus today to start making plans to address their concerns, including what some students called the over-policing of black fraternity and sorority events. The candlelight vigil took place at one end of …

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