Paraffin Container Candles for Beginners

Learn how to make paraffin container candles in this easy-to-follow video. Visit us at for more information and soy wax candle suppl…
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39 Responses to Paraffin Container Candles for Beginners

  • PrincessMagick says:

    Great video!
    Any tips on how I can avoid the wax sinking around the wick once it
    solidifies? I’m trying to make “teacup candles” for charity so my
    containers vary in size. It’s frustrating when they sink :/ xoxo

  • CandleScience says:

    @IceQueensAngel1985 It’s tough to say without knowing what type of paraffin
    you used. Different paraffins can have very different appearances. If you
    are using one of our waxes contact us through our website, it’s linked in
    the description. Glad you like the video!

  • Seedcovers says:

    Is it a paraffin blend or straight paraffin? Does it burn all the way to
    the last drop?

  • Danielle Rich says:

    Hello! I’ve been using paraffin wax and I always get a giant indent in the
    middle. I’m using the temperature that the package says. Do you know why
    this is?

  • rmbb10 says:

    Love it; I am liking soy wax, but I’d like to try paraffin wax at least

  • Christine Hawkins says:

    will any glass jar do or does it have to be specific?

  • Victoria Chau says:

    I like your video. It is very informative. Thank you

  • CandleScience says:

    @paulbrennan23 We do not have a time frame for shipping internationally at
    this time. The best thing would be to search for ‘candle fragrance oil UK’.

  • leonardo1480 says:

    Am I right by saying with soya wax you don’t get the indent when the wax is
    cooling unlike the paraffin wax?

  • Ashley Terrill says:

    I just starting making candles a home for a new hobby and hopefully extra
    money, How do I clean the pouring pan once the waz has already dried? I
    have tried everything with no luck. And does anyone have any advice for
    someone starting to make candles?

  • Paul J Brennan says:

    Hi Candle Science do you know yet when you’ll be shipping to the UK??? or
    do you know of a good wholesalers in the UK for fragrance oils? Many Thanks

  • CandleScience says:

    @leonardo1480 Indentation is usually caused by shrinkage and can happen
    with any type of wax. Make sure to use recommended pour temperatures to
    minimize shrinkage. Also stick to waxes that are described as ‘one pour’.

  • CandleScience says:

    @Seedcovers 4630 is a paraffin blend. If wicked correctly it will burn

  • Laura Costello says:

    Thank you for the great tips!

  • Jamie B says:

    Do you feel essential oils are as fragrant as the regular candle fragrance

  • CajunSpicyKitchen1 says:

    They look awesome.. Love that color.. Hugs Sherry

  • honey562012 says:

    I like the look in that palm wax! I just bought my first 10 pds but it was
    soy wax because from what I’ve read I was under the impression it burned
    cleaner. But I’m liking the look of that crystal effect in your orange
    color tart. I may end up switching to palm simply because of that crystal

  • Natures Art says:

    Thanks hun!

  • Natures Art says:

    I started off doing the soy, but Im likinb this palm better in all honesty!

  • Natures Art says:

    The scents I poured were mixes I created with natures garden scents, so I
    didnt find it important to say exactly, any scent will do :) The wax I used
    was the Palm Container Wax, Im loving this kind!

  • Rosemary Hand says:

    Where can I find that scale your using?

  • SandieCandieS9 says:

    Thank you so much for this video

  • BeccaWitch says:

    I have made these and I love them. I havent used that wax that you are
    using but I think I will have to try it. I love the sparkle in them!!!

  • Sweetsoapsandmore says:

    Love your videos

  • Suzanne Wade says:

    I have been experimenting with my own. Using paraffin wax and the dollar
    scents from walmart. Will that work. I can’t get mine to turn out. Their is
    liquid in bottoms when set up. What am I doing wrong? Please help I spend a
    lot of money on the tarts and what not. Trying to save a lil and maybe make
    some money if get good enough.

  • NaturesGarden says:

    I think palm wax has a better throw in candles, but it takes more heat to
    allow fragrance to escape from palm wax than soy, so in tarts they will not
    be stronger than soy because the burners do not get hot enough.

  • Silk BathLuxuries says:

    nice video Kim :O)

  • Jocelyn Yao says:

    I’m having lots of problem with my soy wax, no hot throw. I might change to
    palm instead. I notice that you suggested 1oz/lb of fragrance for candle
    but for the clam shell you made approx 1 oz/8oz wax. I was told by the
    salesperson at Yankee that the tarts are much stronger, is this true? Love,
    Jocelyn xx Just getting started on candles.

  • A Certain Tea says:

    scenting your home, office or anyplace you can place an electric warmer

  • NaturesGarden says:

    Some fragrances have high levels of base notes which require a hotter heat
    source. How hot does your burner get?

  • Natures Art says:

    nope, any Fo will work!

  • MyDragonSoap says:

    OK. I have to try this! I LOVE glittery look of the palm was (I almost
    wrote “palm oil”!). There are several fragrances I just love, but that
    aren’t skin safe. Wax tarts, here I come!

  • kacy jenkins says:

    I love natures garden! Got my new order today and my scents are amazing.


    normally you can use 1.5 oz fragrance per lb of wax with out the oil
    seeping out of the wax. thats what they call triple scented. I use CB30 wax
    & it is awesome it holds 15% fragrance now thats alot of fragrance per
    pound it holds more fragrance than normal wax. I’m loving it

  • amy jayne says:

    I’m using 1oz per 8oz of wax and I can hardly smell anything when I melt
    them, what can I possibly doing wrong?

  • 1976ariadna says:

    I have been making tme with soy wax but I love the ice crystal look of the
    palm wax so much better.

  • guntyre says:

    Hi! Thanks for this awesome video :) Have you noticed that palm has a
    better throw than soy? Also, I know soy is a bit soft, are palm tarts
    easier to clean out of the wax warmers? Thanks!

  • sunshyneNrainxx says:

    Is their palm wax sustainable? I get slack from certain customers.

  • NaturesGarden says:

    They have electronic scales at BBB. Or try amazon and shop around.

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