Rendering Deer Tallow And Making Tallow Candles

Rendering Deer Tallow And Making Tallow Candles

Trev and his cousins rendering some deer tallow and making candles from the rendered fat. Also, he cooks himself a nice little snack over the fire.
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Pattiewack shows you how to make cool candles with ice! How “cool” is that!

16 Responses to Rendering Deer Tallow And Making Tallow Candles

  • Scott Smith says:

    Thank you and may the Lord Jesus continue to bless you and your family.

  • josenavarro1973 says:

    Thank you! I am in the process of rendering animal fat for candles. This
    was helpful and encouraging. Thanx!

  • Trashfished says:

    Very cool!! Life is good.

  • Gary Castaldo says:

    would of been better to cook with the tallow.

  • Steve Justice says:

    @allenh60 Thanks a lot brother. Enjoyed doing it and the kids did too.

  • groov14 says:

    Great vid brother,like the horse shoe cooker,i got kin in Kentucky.Just
    found ur channel,subed ya.Have a good un,Mark.

  • Irene Kale says:

    Awesome – decorate a candle with flammable material around the bottom to
    burn while folks fill themselves full of liquor – they’ll remember you
    forever. Crayons are not a good ingredient in candles. I don’t like making
    negative comments, this is just not good advice

  • LADYAQUARIAN42 says:

    Hi…I made some ice candles in the metal molds tonight….but when I
    checked them….some of the water came out…..but some of the water
    remained and is slow to drain out….leaving it upside down in a pan
    overnight, should be time enough for the water to drain out shoud’nt
    it….and I just thought about it….the wick that I used isn’t wax coated,
    does that mean that the candle won’t burn properly due to the ice/water
    being absorbed in the wick??

  • jrcgjhughes says:

    Can you say Christmas Music.

  • PattieWackDesigns says:

    Bam, that is such a smart and creative idea! Way to go. Sooooo “coool”.

  • Universaltrish says:

    I was amazed, this is great

  • PattieWackDesigns says:

    This is a craft that I have been doing for a long time and I always enjoy
    making these kinds of candles. Keep crafting:)

  • Marilyn Meredith says:

    Awesome !! I have never seen anything like it.

  • EverydaySparks333 says:

    So creative!

  • Bam Carle says:

    Even better when you have all different sizes of ice cubes!

  • Bam Carle says:

    I remember making these with my mom back in the 70′s (now I’m dating
    myself…a lonely business!) and we had so much fun. They came out so
    perfectly they became much loved Christmas presents. Can’t wait to make
    some again. :)

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