Soy Candle Making at Home for Beginners-How To Make 7 to 8 Hour Tealights! How to make soy tealight candles at home that burn for 7-8 hours! I am making yummy smelling lemon cheesecake tea light ca…
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24 Responses to Soy Candle Making at Home for Beginners-How To Make 7 to 8 Hour Tealights!

  • Maria Dash says:

    Awesome Idea!

  • Janice Larsen says:

    Where do you purchase your supplies? As far as essential oils and wax?

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    You’re very welcome!

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Thank you :)

  • HomeCandleCreations says:


  • Rob Schmidt says:

    very helpful videos. I have made soy candles in the past. your videos have
    made me want to get back into the hobby. you make everything look very easy.

  • misstexasdiamond says:

    I love the video very helpful. Subscribed

  • Emilee Swift says:

    You are making me hungery! Thanks for teaching me!

  • razr john says:

    Can u show us the finished product at the end of all ur view please

  • Paola Ortiz says:

    Thanks for the info .Now its easy to make candles

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Beeswax is a harder wax so you can make votives and pillars with 100%
    beeswax. 100% soy is too soft for votives and pillars so you would need to
    use a votive blend for votives and mix soy with beeswax, paraffin or palm
    wax to make pillars. Beeswax is considered the most natural since it
    doesn’t need any processing to get the wax, unlike soy wax which is
    processed and many soy crops are genetically modified crops (GMO’s).

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Your welcome! I’m happy to try and help!

  • happybunnie6 says:

    nice kitchen ^_^. video so useful :) . made my first candles, they turned
    out well :) . the apple struesel scent made me hungry though when i made the
    candles lol

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    I’ve heard good things about beeswax too. Not sure about gel candles, but I
    imagine it would be similar to paraffin as far as burn times, but they do
    look neat :) Keep in mind that my videos are for soy wax, so if you go with
    a different kind of wax, you’ll want to find instructions specifically for
    that. Have fun shopping!

  • razr john says:

    Vids… not views

  • Ellie Challis says:

    Omg, the sent makes you so hungry, you should set up your own business this
    is soo helpful:)x

  • Ressurrection Graves says:

    hilarious. I’m looking around like where is that train coming from? lol

  • razr john says:

    Thank you… is soy and beeswax almost the same thing cause I know they are
    both all natural

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Thanks! Oh yeah, Apple Struesel/Apple Pie/Apple Spice….. Those are my
    faves!! Can’t get enough of them!

  • razr john says:

    Wow thank you .. I know I asked a lot of questions but I’m trying to make
    and sell candles with my dad and I am just trying to learn as much as a can
    and that’s when I found your channel and I’ve been watching ur vids and I’m
    going to start today

  • razr john says:

    Its ok .. I love ur videos and today my dad is taking me to hobby lobby to
    by candle wax… which wax do u suggest I use… beeswax, paraffin, soy,
    gel etc… and why

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Well, I’ve only used soy so I can’t say how other types of waxes work, but
    I know that some reasons I love soy wax 1. it’s a natural wax (paraffin
    isn’t, it’s made from petroleom), 2. it burns cleaner and longer than
    paraffin wax. 3. It is much easier to clean up than paraffin if it’s
    spilled. I would like to try beeswax sometime although it is more expensive
    than soy.

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Yeah, those trains like to go by at such convenient times! lol

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Sorry, I did in my other videos, but apparently I forgot to include that in
    this one!

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