Soy Candles in Recycled Cans

They’re can-dles! Jonathan Fong takes recycled cans like Spam and Campbell’s Tomato Soup and turns them into eco-friendly soy candles.
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9 Responses to Soy Candles in Recycled Cans

  • Jessica Cotten says:

    where can i find the 10 lbs bag of wax on the internet

  • StyleWithASmileTV says:

    @jessicacotten1 I buy mine at Peak Candle Supplies, online.

  • faithgaskin says:

    I read that some cans have a coating on the inside that can be a problem. I
    am looking for long burning candles for emergencies and need to know if the
    coating is a problem, as I have already collected a bunch of cans.

  • ashley mcgill says:

    what store did you get the wax frome cause i dont know where to get it

  • StyleWithASmileTV says:

    I get it at an online store called Peak Candle supplies.

  • StyleWithASmileTV says:

    @DarciaMoonz That’s a great idea to melt the wax in a crock pot! Thanks for
    watching my videos, and all your nice comments!

  • DarciaMoonz says:

    nice video. I started making candles about 3 wks ago. I use a crock pot to
    melt my wax:-). I like how you’re reusing everyday cans for candles. I am
    going to do this project too. Thank you for being so inspiring:-)

  • StyleWithASmileTV says:

    I’m not sure, as I haven’t heard of or encountered a problem. These
    candles, because the container is opaque, don’t give off a lot of light, so
    they actually are not very good for emergency situations. Clear containers,
    like jars, are better for that.

  • nigutiful says:

    when it melts what will happen?

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