Soy Tarts & Candles

A video showcasing some of the handmade products I created. They are on sale at

New address: Learn how to make soy candles today because it can be a wonderful, enjoyable hobby making candles for yoursel…
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34 Responses to Soy Tarts & Candles

  • CraftyScentiments says:

    I use a soy blend for my melts and tarts. Thanks so much for the comments.

  • keyla decando says:

    what wax do you use? they look wonderful

  • msgentc says:

    Will you do a video on how you do your icing for the cupcakes. Those are the best I have seen.

  • Debbie Sant says:

    Do you have a tutorial on how to make these. Thanks Debbie

  • Olivia butler says:

    how cute! what a good idea

  • Candle Burgh says:

    Beautiful candles! :) The cupcakes are so adorable!

  • rmbb10 says:

    Very nce.

  • CraftyScentiments says:

    thanks so much for your comments. I’m sure you will love them…

  • justmspa says:

    i just visted your shop… i love your candle there i just made order from another site. But when iam finish with those, i can’t to get yours….. they are so cute. your cup cakes are so cute….

  • Seedcovers says:

    I love soy candles, nice job.

  • jessicaf6986 says:

    Thank you for making this! I’m a first time candle maker and this helped me greatly :-)

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    …..fragrance oil amount and color amount per lb of wax, then just multiply that by how many pounds you are making at a time. So start out just testing and make sure you write down your formula when you get a good quality candle. Record wick, amount of fragrance oil, amount of dye, etc… I like to record how much of each per 1lb of wax, that way if you are going to do 4lbs of wax then you can just multiply the amounts by 4. Then it makes it easy to just get your wicks in the jars and pour!

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Well, thankfully business started out slowly and I didn’t do Saturday market the bazaars until I already had quite a few fragrances down. When I make in bulk, I do several of the same fragrance candles at a time. I have 2 4lb pour pots, so I can do 8-8oz candles in each pot at a time or 4-16oz candles in each. Once you’ve got a few fragrances testing well, then you can start making them in bulk like that and as long as you have your tested formula written down:

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Your welcome! :)

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Sorry about taking so long to answer you here! Youtube doesn’t let me post a link here in the comments, but if you search for Candlesoylutions it should come right up!

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Youtube won’t let me give a link here, but just look up Candlesoylutions and it should come right up :) 

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Well, when I buy my wax by 50lb bag and the fragrance oils by the gallon, and other supplies in bulk, 8oz candles cost me a little under $3.00 per candle. I would say if you didn’t buy supplies in bulk, then you might spend a little less or around the same as buying in the store. But you also have to remember that if you are comparing prices to candles in stores, make sure those candles in the store are also soy. Paraffin candles are almost always going to be less expensive than soy candles.

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Well, it depends on the fragrance and where you buy them from. Some fragrances are just naturally stronger than others. You can definitely get fragrances that will fill a room. One company I know has excellent fragrance oils that are highly concentrated, is Candle Cocoon.You can also check out my website (link is in the description above). I have a list of good fragrances that I have used and know to throw well in soy.Some examples of nice strong fragrances are:Lilac,apple spice,orange spice etc

  • Elizabeth Gibbons says:

    Could I ask what the scent pay off is like? Is it similar to bath and body works candles? I’d really love to start making my own but I want a really nice scent that will fill a room

  • Allen Harms says:

    In your opinion would doing this actually save money instead of buying candles from the store?

  • thelashondawilliams says:

    Your could possably place the end of the whick in the wax and put it at the bottom of the holder and push with a Popsicle stick

  • Poooh0926 says:

    Yes, please provide the web address for soy solutions

  • Kimberly Boyd says:

    can u send me link to the candle solutions that you mentioned TY

  • cheyennejessi4 says:

    Using your video to make my first soy candles tonight! Great instruction – thank you!

  • MsOilartist says:

    Thank u. I’m an artist but was never interested in candles. I am now!

  • JANA GIRAUD says:

    Melissa, Thank you for your help with the pouring issue. I do have another question for you. When you were beginning your candle making business, how on earth did you make enough candles to sell at your booths? It is so time consuming just making one 16 oz. candle. How did you get enough candles for inventory? Plus in the beginning with the trial and error of making sure the color or scent is right or the pour is going to be good? How did you do it all?

  • ShoryoTombo says:

    Thank you for the response, made well sense. I went to your site and saw the list as you mentioned in the video and i will start with what you used in the tutorial. Thank you once again.

  • HomeCandleCreations says:

    Yes, you can microwave any soy wax. I have microwaved some soy wax I had when I first started and it was fine. It isn’t the recommended way to do it, but if you’re just wanting to make a quick candle that would be fine.

  • Miki Boteler says:

    Hi there! I know that they sell microwavable soy wax but they’re kinda expensive, but do you know if all soy wax is microwavable? Have you tried to microwave the soy wax that you use now?

  • Jana Giraud says:

    I’ll let ya know how next pour is.

  • Jana Giraud says:

    Sorry, iPad is very sensitve

  • Jana Giraud says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ll let ya know hoe

  • leonardo1480 says:

    thank you for the tip/info

  • xMissClassx says:

    i want to make candles now :(

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