Ahern: Soap making a passion for Morgan Park woman

Ahern: Soap making a passion for Morgan Park woman
She's passionate about soap making, having spent three years learning and perfecting her soap making skills, something that she happened upon when she first began to study candle making. “I bought a candle-making kit, … (and) I didn't have enough …
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Brazil's amazing, underground hot-air balloon subculture
An exquisitely researched and endlessly fascinating long article tells the history of Brazil's centuries-old baloeiro craft, whereby painstakingly handmade paper balloons are lofted trailing ladders of pyrotechnics and long banners, powered by melted …
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Wax, a wick and a burning passion

Wax, a wick and a burning passion
We contacted Lina Benhalim, the brains behind Lina's Candles. She admits that her beginning in the world of candles was not very encouraging, just like anyone interested in candle-making. “It all started with a wick, some wax, ending with a big blob of …
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Natural, At-Home Funerals And Their Boomer Appeal
During that time, day and night, surrounded by pictures and candles and flowers, all of his friends and family could say good-bye and remember his short life. For Kyle's mother, that time was critical to her healing. “If I had to hand him over to …
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