Thrifty Thursday: Sea Glass & Candle Making – ASMR – Soft Spoken, Scooping, Crinkling, Tapping

Thrifty Thursday: Sea Glass & Candle Making - ASMR - Soft Spoken, Scooping, Crinkling, Tapping

Why, hello there fellow Tingleheads :) I think my internet connection decided to set a Guinness Book World Record tonight for slowest upload speed, sorry for…
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Kev Partner from shows how to make a pillar candles using a Pillar Candlemaking Kit.

28 Responses to Thrifty Thursday: Sea Glass & Candle Making – ASMR – Soft Spoken, Scooping, Crinkling, Tapping

  • Duke L'Orange says:

    my wife used to sell avon everything we got from there smelled like perfume
    even make up

  • randomnasness says:

    Put YOUR energy into the glass and it will give the pieces warm,
    well-intended, well-loved treasure should you ever decide to part with it.
    If not, all the awesomeness that you or others of your choosing will put
    beauty of their own into the pieces retain and reflect that energy back to
    you and it will be a really beautiful cycle of goodness. Do you even still
    have them?? :) I love your videos. Very calming and I love your quirky
    sense of humour! Take gentle care…..

  • Rhea Black says:

    I love the feel of dried beans running through my fingers too! Like Audrey
    Tautou in Amelie.

  • robert sexton says:

    Well just to get it out there my chair sucks

  • irishbutterfly369 says:

    i used to make candles when i was little, with the help of my mother of
    course & i had so much fun. i would say that you can still find the candle
    supplies at a craft store like michaels or dees or jo anns

  • Andrea Ramcharran says:

    do u smoke please reply 

  • pearlseasox says:

    That first bag (the blue airtight one) sounds SO GOOD! I love that squishy,
    tight sound. Odd – the other two are more crinkly. Which is nice, but so
    common and generic.

  • Joel Terry says:

    I want to marry you

  • Misscarlapaola says:

    lol 25 years old it smells like old lady the good kind old lady lol that
    was funny 

  • Natalie Keys says:

    you should do a draw my life! :) 

  • brideoflister says:

    I’m pretty sure those perfect triangles scattered though are abrasive
    stones used to make the tumbling more random. It doesn’t affect the tingles

  • Kaiya Wolff says:

    You are absolutely wonderful :) 

  • Melissa Kecken says:

    Did you get a recycled dildo at the thrift store? Is thy why your tingly?

  • morelandannem says:

    what’s with the whispering?

  • kapbambino says:

    like your tattoo

  • Nathan Murray says:

    The sound of that lighter reminds me of my weed burning. Really enhances
    the ASMR experience.

  • monkeychicken27 says:

    Thing I noticed about seashells: They’re all left-handed! (Or right-handed.
    I’m not an expert on which.) I guess what I’m getting at is, I’ve always
    seen them spiraled the same direction. Can we get some opposite-handed sea
    creatures please?

  • catcameron90 says:

    Was sitting here enjoying all my tingles and suddenly felt like there was
    something familiar about this video. And then I realised we have the same
    bed! Yay for Ikea!

  • James Palmer says:

    insight into how candles……work.. LOL too funny

  • AnnieAsmr says:

    Your video was published on my birthday! Hell yeah! <3 

  • ennareityurfm says:

    Hahaha no, I’m afraid not!

  • kimkishineegirl says:

    She did mention that they have to be useful to her. And these are useful to

  • katey hardy says:

    wish it was the 9th of August again i hate the coldddddd

  • lol4721 says:

    sooooooooo, i thought you only had to fix the sound on the travel
    video……..what happened

  • lehighguy says:

    Vintage! Avon sold these candles back in 1985…twenty-eight years ago!

  • Michael Gala says:

    i recently bought wax and dye and scent from yourselves. The service was
    very very good and the product is good to. I have one question however. I
    made a pillar candle with your pillar blend paraffin wax along with
    strawberry dye and scent. I noticed once it had set and was all done there
    appeared to be no scent throw at all and the candle just burnt away. can
    you advise on how to improve this. i se paraffin wax and also used lX 16
    wick diameter was 75mm. Please help – the candle look amazing but don’t
    smell nice or give the room a nice homely feel to them 

  • Stuart N says:

    you make very good Videos with clear info I got my wife some bits of an
    auction sit and she is like a kid in a sweet shop now

  • CoCo Camp says:

    love it thanks!!

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