Who knew candlemaking took that long?

Who knew candlemaking took that long?
As Lauzon removes an old quilt from what she calls the Big Dipper, another machine with 15 pots of gorgeous colour, I learn just what a slow, thoughtful process candle-making can be. "When you're hand-dipping to add colour you have to let the candle …
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KFC Making Scented Candles?? Not Officially, But This Candle DOES Smell
And it's promoting Kentucky! So you could say the candle smells like Kentucky Fried Chicken… just not KFC!! Doesn't matter though because we know the Colonel would be proud! We mean, who wouldn't want to have their house smell like fried chicken …
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Meet the berries of winter
Bayberry: Best known for its candle-making properties, deer-resistant bayberry grows well by the shore and in marginal areas as long as it has full sun. These shrubs become quite large, so give them elbow room. They can be kept in bounds with pruning …
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